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European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership, (EUWI+)

European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership,

EUWI+ aims to support Water Policy Reforms in Eastern Partnership countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

An overall objective of EUWI+ is to improve the Water Management strategy in Eastern Partnership countries with a focus on trans-boundary rivers. More specific objective is to support the approximation of Water Policy and Water strategies of EaP countries to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), UN Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Project activities are divided among 3 areas:

Result 1: legal and regulatory framework improved in line with WFD, IWRM and MEAs
  • National Policy Dialogue
    National Policy Dialogues (NPD) are annual meetings that aim to provide a dialogue and coordination among offices of state within the country, reform the legal and regulatory framework, provide inclusivity of Water Policy making process (involving civil society, local community and local experts), ensure regional coordination with the aim of improving and strengthening the cooperation regarding trans-boundary rivers and closer coordination between government and donors.
  • Capacity Building
    Capacity building implies the creation of a mechanism for staff training that will contribute to development and strengthening of the country’s capacity regarding water policy reform. Training plan is being developed for the project-implementation period. These trainings will mostly be organized for civil servants and managers of central and local offices and organizations that are responsible for Policy developing and implementation. There will also be training for trainers that will help with further studying of target groups after the end of the project (education materials will be provided for use).
  • Legislative and regulatory reform
Result 2: Pilot River Basins Management Plans designed and implemented in line with the WFD principles
  • Development of River Basin Management Plan (RBMP)
    There are 9 river basins in Ukraine. Dnipro River Basin was chosen as a pilot basin within the project. RBMP will be done for this basin.
  • Data management
    Data that will be necessary for the Dnipro RBMP implementation will be added to geoportal “Water Resources of Ukraine” for further use.
  • Monitoring and Laboratories
    Surface and groundwater monitoring will be carried out for the Dnipro river basin region within the framework of the project. Partner laboratories will be evaluated. Equipment improvement will be funded for these laboratories. The possibility of the laboratories certification (according to international standards) will be considered.
Result 3: lessons learned are regularly collected, shared and communicated to stakeholders and public; public involvement into problem solving process regarding water resources management. This means the cooperation with M ENR and other stakeholders regarding public awareness-raising on IWRM.

EUWI+ is funded by the European Union. To its implementation are also engaged:
- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) who are responsible for Result 1;
- EU Member States Consortium who are responsible for Results 2 and 3.Central organizations are the Environment Agency Austria (Unweltbundesamt, UBA) and the International Office for Water (OIEau/ IOWater) France.

For more information please visit the project website:
Project representative in Ukraine (for Result 1) is Ms Nataliia Zakorchevna
Project representative in Ukraine (for Results 2 and 3) is Ms Oksana Konovalenko

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