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Department of hydrochemistry
Department of agrometeorological researches (before November, 2016)
Department of the atmosphere monitoring
Department of hydrological researches
Department of applied meteorology and climatology
Department of instruments design, metrology and standardization
Department of system hydrometereological researches
Department of climatic researches and weather long-range forecasts
Laboratory of climate change influence on water resources
Marine branch (Sevastopol) (before April, 2014)
Field experimental meteorological base
Boguslav field hydrometeorological base
"George Gotovchiz" motor ship


Volodymyr Osadchiy, Dr. Geog. Sci, Corr.Member of NASU
Deputy Director for science (meteorology and marine research)
Yuriy Ilyin, Dr. Geog. Sci
Deputy Director for science (hydrolodgy and land water monitoring)
Yurii Nabyvanets, Ph.D. (Cand. Geog. Sci)
Deputy Director for finance (chief accountant)
Mariya Dmytrenko
Deputy Director for logistic
Volodymyr Kozlenko
Academic Secretary
Nina Mostova, Ph.D. (Cand. Geog. Sci)

address:37, Prospekt Nauky, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03028
Tel:+380(44) 525 12 50
Fax:+380(44) 525 53 63
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