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Department of hydrochemistry
Department of agrometeorological researches (before November, 2016)
Department of the atmosphere monitoring
Department of hydrological researches
Department of applied meteorology and climatology
Department of instruments design, metrology and standardization
Department of system hydrometereological researches
Department of climatic researches and weather long-range forecasts
Laboratory of climate change influence on water resources
Marine branch (Sevastopol) (before April, 2014)
Field experimental meteorological base
Boguslav field hydrometeorological base
"George Gotovchiz" motor ship



Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute

History of UHMI traces back to the 15th of May 1855 when the first Meteorological Observatory in Kiev has been opened. It was the beginning of systematic meteorological observations, their analysis and generalization (later Kiev magnetic meteorological observatory, 1925, Kiev research geophysical observatory, 1944). Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute has gained its independent status in 1953.

The main tasks of UHMI are the following: development of the geophysical science by carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of hydrometeorology and basic monitoring of natural environment, provision of scientific and methodical support to hydrometeorological and other operative services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Ukraine, co-ordination of scientific research in the field of hydrometeorology in Ukraine.

UHMI is the main Ukrainian scientific research organisation in the field of hydrometeorology and basic monitoring of natural environment.

The main directions of the scientific activity are the following:

Study the regularity of physical processes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, hydrometrological regime and agroclimatic conditions, including those that are dangerous for people and economical activity.
The development of a new and improvement of existing methods of meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological forecasts, estimations and their practical implementation; the development of forecasts for natural disasters and hazardous hydrometeorological phenomena and processes; investigation of a climate in Ukraine and factors that promote its changing; the development of climatic forecasts and recommendations for various economical fields regarding reaction strategy on climate changes.
The development of methods of active influence on hydrometeorological processes and phenomena, guidance for active influence work for the sake of different fields of economy.
Integrated study of the influence of hydrometeorological conditions on natural environment pollution, its social-ecologic and social-economic consequences regarding the territory of Ukraine; the development of scientific principles of organization and recommendations for natural environment pollution basic observations.
Study the radioactive pollution of natural environment, particularly, that which is induced by emergency emissions of Chornobyl APP and connected with it changes in radio ecological state of the territory of Ukraine.
Integrated study of the hydrometeorological regime and the degree of pollution of the Black and Asov seas.
The development of a new and improvement of existing hydrometrological instruments.
Guidance for the functioning of the state system of hydrometeorological observations and forecasts and natural environment pollution basic observations.
The development of reference and metrological information and standards in the field of hydrometeorology and natural environment monitoring.
Publications in the form of monographs, institute research works, reference books, atlases, etc, relaying on researches of the institute workers and other Ukrainian and foreign reserachers.
To make an examination concerning hydrometeorological requirements to corresponding projects and requirements to natural environment monitoring.
Scientific manpower training by means of post-graduate study, employee certification, competitions for vacant seats, raising the level of the institute scientific employees skills.

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